The Knots & Dots Story

It’s all about Love, unite and then rewind

Ours is an epic anthology of people, their stories and the wondrously unforgettable memories that are created and captured, when love unites. It’s the reminiscences that will last a lifetime; and more.We all about the people, their story, their celebrations… what’s not to love?

So lovely people, here we are, all geared up, and downright ready to roll. Our aim is to preserve that smile on your face, and the twinkle in your eyes, for perpetuity and more. Knots & Dots, is the wedding unit of IDIS.


IDIS: In-depth Image Studio is an alliance of creative minded & talented individuals with diverse expertise in the photography, cinematography, engineering and fine art. We provide image solutions for Products, Events, Architecture, Industry, Landscapes, Fashion, Portraits, Editorials, Faunae, Travel and Environment.