Wedding Films

  • Cinematic Wedding Film – We film your wedding as if it’s an epic motion picture. You are the star of your movie, and we make your special day larger than life
  • Cinematic Wedding a Film Trailer – Every movie needs a trailer, and we give you a teaser to your day of stardom
  • Custom Music – We create a custom, one-off soundtrack for your film. Adding that extra dimension to your outstanding matrimony
  • 4K – We are future-ready and can capture your wedding in 4K UHD video

Wedding Photography

  • Candid Wedding Photography – Capturing those natural and spontaneous moments without ‘producing a posed appearance’
  • Pre/Post-Wedding Editorial Shoots – Capturing the couple before/after the wed-ding. Detailing and recording those wonderful ‘in love’ moments
  • Themed Shoots (Couples & Families) – Creating exhibition quality images with couples/families in a setting/ theme/ location of their choice, no matter how elaborate or simple
  • Save the Date Photo and Video - Invite your guests through specially composed photographs and an invitation film
  • Mehendi Polaroid Instant Shoots - We click polaroid photographs during your wedding, and give them to your guests then and there. A unique memento of their presence at your wedding

Add-on Services

  • Art Photo Prints – Printing selected images on canvas or archival art paper
  • Photo Books – Your story, told through images
  • Make-up & Stylist - For concept and theme shoots
  • Theme packaging
  • Custom wedding website
  • Wedding Film Premiere

Why Us?

We are passionate and committed towards making your experience extraordinary.
The diverse expertise of our team ensures that "no stone is left unturned," in ensuring that you receive:

  • High resolution videography, and superlative production
  • Accurate reproduction and management of digital images
  • In-house post-production and prompt delivery
  • No concealed costs
  • Fully equipped for location shoots
  • Use of ground-breaking techniques of production and development
  • Anything it takes to capture a shot, as imagined and requested
  • Unequivocally no compromise on the quality of our work